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DISPLAYads implements full display campaigns. Thanks to our experienced team and the tools at our disposal, we buy media, broadcast your creation, analyse the results and optimise advertising activities

⦁ We publish ads on many quality spaces and we have only one specification.

⦁ We broadcast on RON (all websites of the publisher) and in thematic packages.

We use non-invasive flat formats (e.g. billboard, double billboard, half page, rectangle, skyscraper) and screening.

⦁ We carry out brand recognition research

⦁ We support your sales with image remarketing in display.


Would you like to find out how effective display advertising is as a form of promotion? We would be happy to support you in achieving this goal.


Find out what we can do for you in the area of display advertising.


Quality publishing places

100% Brand Safety space

High CTR

Ponad 7600 zrealizowanych kampanii
500 million views
25 mln użytkowników


Desktop and
mobile campaigns

Flat formats (e.g. rectangle, billboard, half page)




Target by age, gender, education
or job profile.


Display your ad
in a specific location.


Segment users on
retargeting lists


Target by intention
and by behaviour.


Identify a place that provides
a good context for your ad.
We use hourly and daily targeting. We target your message to users of specific phone models, web browsers or their operating system.

_Are you interested in an effective digital campaign? 

Write to us!

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