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EMAILads EMAILads implements e-mail marketing campaigns. Thanks to a transparent pricing system, we guarantee that your advertising goals are achieved in an optimised manner

⦁ Our campaigns are implemented using the CPM pricing model. In this way, you pay for reaching 1,000 people from your target group, e.g. people interested in dietary supplements or interior design elements.

⦁ Your customer will say ‘I’ve heard about that’ – This is how quality EMAILads works. We can reach millions of recipients with information about your product or current offer. Maybe you only want to select a few thousand people with specific characteristics?


Using e-mail – according to the CSO report ‘How we use the Internet’ for 2021 – is one of the most popular activities carried out on the Internet by Polish Internet users. Approximately 20 million Poles living in Poland have email inboxes – one, two, sometimes more. E-mail marketing is therefore still a powerful promotional tool and the main communication channel for many companies.


Would you like to find out how effective e-mail marketing is as a form of promotion? We would be happy to support you in achieving this goal.

Find out what we can do for you in the area of e-mail marketing.


100% RODO compliant

Your marketing emails are fully GDPR compliant.

High CR conversion

Mailing has the highest conversion rate of all channels – the average CR in Poland is 2.3%.


SPF technology, DKiM, DMARC, SMTP transactional emails or via API, reCAPTCHA subscription form

Average OR 15%

Our campaigns not only record a high Open Rate, but also ROI (return on investment).

Ponad 1000 zrealizowanych kampanii
Ponad 255 mln wysłanych maili

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