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PERFOads implements performance campaigns. Thanks to proprietary technological solutions and all available channels and tools, we reach the target group precisely.

⦁ We deliver quality traffic and charge for results.

⦁ We continuously optimise and extend our activities into new areas to ensure the KPIs are met and the ROI is appropriate.

⦁ We use all available channels and tools in our activities.

⦁ We operate in a programmatic and traditional model, on all platforms and device types


Performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on results. In traditional marketing, you pay to place an ad on, for example, a billboard, but you can’t realistically assess its effectiveness beyond an estimated viewership. In performance marketing, you pay only when a specific and measurable action is performed, such as a click, filling in a form or downloading an app.


It is about time you too experience how performance advertising works. We would be happy to support you in achieving this goal.

Find out what we can do for you in the area of performance advertising.


Effective analytics

We deliver quality traffic and charge for results. We generate interest and increase sales


We have carried out more than 3,400 campaigns with a high quality of service.

Proprietary technology

Proprietary technology solutions allow us to continually extend our reach and ensure the safety of brands.

We work with the biggest names

We carry out campaigns for the biggest media groups in Poland.

Zrealizowaliśmy ponad 3400 kampanii
We have delivered more than 388,400 validated leads
We have generated sales worth over PLN 6,500,000
We have provided 12,250,000 clicks


⦁ Several basic display packages and mailing base categories, dedicated packages and categories, desktop and mobile publishing, custom actions and call centres.


⦁ Various pricing models: CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS, session, time on site, bounce rate, CPV.


⦁ Brand safety, including working with whitelists and blacklists.


⦁ Demographic, geographic, behavioural, contextual targeting, retargeting. We also use hourly and day-of-the-week targeting, targeting by phone models, operating system types and browser type.

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