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Audience Media Group – like any company – wants to develop, thrive and invest in new solutions. However, business does not function in isolation from the natural environment. What is more, what we do today has an impact on the lives of future generations. We want to help, even if to a small extent, to create a healthier ecosystem for ourselves and others. That’s why we donate part of the money we earn to building bee hives.


More than 140 species of horticultural plants, around 50 types of cultivated plants, more than 60 types of shrubs and fruit trees and almost 50 species of herbaceous plants… are all pollinated by bees. They are the most active pollinators in the ecosystem. Without bees, crop yields can be reduced by up to 80%. Bees are irreplaceable!

Do you like to have a honey sandwich in the morning, fresh fruit for dessert and a tasty salad for lunch? We do too! So help the bees with us! See how to do it here


What is our honey made of?

The bees collect nectar from acacia, linden and rapeseed, because this is the environment in which our hives are set up. In other periods (when these crops are not in bloom) we collect multifloral honey. The bees also collect pollen from plants, which they use to feed young bees.

How big is our apiary?

There are currently 50 bee colonies in the apiary. One colony = one hive. In summer, there are 70–80,000 bees in very strong colonies. In autumn, the average bee colony has between 20,000 and 50,000 bees.

How long do bees live?

Spring and summer worker bees live an average of 36–40 days, while autumn bees can live from 6 to 9 months.

When do we harvest honey?

The time and amount of honey harvested depends on the period in which you set up the hive. If the hive is set up by mid-May, the bees have plenty of food and can reproduce quickly. This allows for the first honey harvest in July. If the bee colony is set up later, the honey harvest does not take place until the following year.

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